Building a Local HVAC Giant in 3 Years

The Winning Formula

1.5 million





Phone Calls


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TemperaturePro of West Austin is a team of dedicated HVAC experts for all of the HVAC-related needs in the South & West Austin, Texas area. They offer only the best products and services available in the HVAC industry to their customers.

The Challenge

Before working with Blackhawk, TemperaturePro West Austin was not running any digital advertising and had very little digital presence. In a world that depends on technology for almost every aspect of daily life, TemperaturePro needed to create their digital footprint to increase sales and continue growing.

  • Website Design & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Blackhawk Support Team
  • Facebook Ad Creative & Management
  • Google Ad Creative & Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing Creation & Management

TemperaturePro signed on with Blackhawk and the work started immediately, along with great results! After building out the website, Blackhawk went through and optimized each page following SEO best practices. TemperaturePro West Austin provided relevant industry knowledge for Blackhawk to transform into interesting and informative blog posts and published on the website on their behalf. Read one of the best performers, result wise, here – Reduce Your Summer Cooling Costs in 6 Easy Steps.

Blackhawk also created and managed both Facebook Ads and Google Ads for TemperaturePro West Austin. This included the creation of Facebook Ad graphics, as well as the setting up the campaign within the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Our team handles the process from start to finish, from creation of eye-catching ad copy to highly optimized audience targeting.

For Google Ads, Blackhawk built out personalized search and display ad campaigns using a combination specific target keywords and negative keywords to ensure TemperaturePro’s ads appeared in front of the right people, at the right time, and in the right place.

Blackhawk provided a full digital presence for TemperaturePro West Austin, as you can see in the services provided list above. Check out below to see some of our great results to date with this client!