Duracell Lights

A Bright, Shining Success


Duracell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries and smart power systems. Since the 1940’s, this company is known for producing high-performing, compact, and longer-lasting batteries. Our client’s company makes a variety of outdoor and work lights like lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps and teamed up with Duracell to launch the collection under Duracell’s name and brand.

The Challenge

Prior to teaming up with Blackhawk, Duracell lights didn’t have a digital footprint at all, so our services put them on the map and gave them a professional online presence. Now, customers can get all the information they want from the Duracell Lights website and can also make purchases directly from the site.


Web Design
Website Development
Website / LP Management
Marketing Consultation


Blackhawk created the Duracell Lights website completely from scratch, so everything from design and copy to coding and development were created exclusively for this project.

Because the product is sold through Amazon, we worked with a 3rd party to create a cart integration between Amazon and the Duracell Lights website we created to ensure the best e-commerce user experience when navigating between the DL website and Amazon.

Additionally, this project had a lot of moving parts, meaning we coordinated 5 different teams – Duracell/client, A20, Creative (photography/video), PowerPlay (Amazon) and our own team – to bring this project to life.

Our Work