Bonney Staffing Center

From struggling to fill 500 job openings to excelling in email open rates and generating more revenue with ad campaigns


Bonney Staffing Center is a regional staffing company based in Maine. They work hard to find the right fit for every job seeker. Understanding that you’re not just finding a job; you’re changing your life. Committed to providing the tools and advice you need to manage your job search and reach your career goals.

The Challenge

When Bonney first signed on with Blackhawk, one of their main(e) problems was gaining access to more job seekers to to apply and come in the door. There were over 500 hundred orders for temps that hadn’t been filled causing them to miss out on a huge revenue opportunity of upwards of 15 million dollars. Another pain point for them was finding better ways to integrate their website with other outlets to get job seekers to come to their site and apply for jobs. As well as making their emails more more attractive and enticing to job seekers to check out what careers they have to offer. 

  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics & Data Processing
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting

By integrating MailChimp in their Email Marketing, this allowed Bonney to track and and convert more applicants more effectively by having the proper data and tools to follow up with them to make conversions. When Bonney started utilizing our Facebook Ads management the saw an extreme uptick in job seekers coming into their office based off the inspiring and motivating ads we were running. Google Ads also caused a major push towards the website leading to more conversions and clicks.

Our Work