Brownstone Capital Investments

Breathing New Life into Brownstone


Brownstone Capital Investments is a family-centered business. They help families prepare for key life events by making investing and saving easy. BCI  invests in the residential market, which mitigates risk but offers high reward. 

As a real estate investment company, Brownstone’s business works like this:

  • Clients give them money; BCI buys older homes and flip them; BCI sells these freshly renovated houses to happy homeowners.
  • Brownstone has flipped over 100 homes in the past 7 years in a dozen states.
The Challenge

Before working with Blackhawk, Brownstone’s website was fairly basic and generic. Their simple site was based off a Squarespace template that didn’t keep users engaged or adequately inform them about the business. 

They needed help defining their brand and voice, so that they could target the right customer base and communicate their business and services clearly and effectively.


Web Design
Web Development
Marketing Strategy
Website Management


Our design team created a much more dynamic and engaging website layout and we brought it to life by implementing UI best practices for an overall much better UX. We replaced the fluff content — which was largely filler words with no clear direction — with specific calls to action and strong sales-oriented language. We optimized the content for search engine performance as well as the site overall for fast load speed.

Our Work