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March 3, 2021

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Certifications to Advance Your Career

Whether you’re switching careers and want to add some qualifications to your resume or you’re looking to broaden your industry knowledge, there are a lot of options to expand your…
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The Best Free Digital Marketing Tools & Plugins
January 5, 2021

27 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools & Plugins

How to Grow Your Business Without Breaking the Bank The digital marketing landscape is vast and can definitely be confusing. On top of that, it seems like understanding it and…
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The best free stock image
January 3, 2021

10 Places To Find The Best Free Stock Images

Best Places To Find Free Stock Images Whether you’re a freelance creative or agency designer, finding a quality stock image can come in handy. Not only do these visuals save…
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google search results
BusinessGoogle My BusinessTips
November 23, 2020

Comprehensive Guide to Google Search Results Pages in 2021

Breaking down Google search results what they each mean Chances are, you’ve probably Googled your fair share of queries, and you might have even noticed that the search results page…
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email letter announcement speaker
November 16, 2020

Business Email Etiquette for Reply All | 10 Tips on How to Use it

Email Etiquette: Using Reply All “Clicking Reply All emails everyone in the chain. It’s rather noisy!  Are you sure you want to send this?” Are you sure you want to…
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best KPI metrics for tracking growth
November 12, 2020

25 Most Important Digital Marketing KPIs for Tracking Business Growth

How to Measure Success in Digital Marketing Now that you’ve taken the step to transform the way you advertise your products and services, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or confused…
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instagram followers notification on blue background
October 29, 2020

17 Proven Steps to Gain Thousands of Real Instagram Followers in 2021

17 Proven Steps to Get More Real Instagram Followers in 2021 You’ve mastered Google Ads and your Facebook page has lots of likes and engagement, but still aren’t seeing the…
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instagram logo
October 23, 2020

How To Boost Instagram Stories | 3 Easy Steps To Creating Attention-Grabbing GIFs

Creating Your Own GIFs For Instagram GIFs are leading the social media revolution by changing how brands use and recreate content to draw the eyes of millions of users. In…
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5 design tips from our lead designer at Blackhawk digital marketing
September 23, 2020

5 Must-Know Design Tips Our Lead Designer Has Learned In 2020

5 Design Tips From Our Lead Designer, Karlee Proctor Graphic design is one of the most powerful tools a business can utilize. It allows your company to create a cohesive…
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Google My Business Do's and Dont's
Google My BusinessTips
September 14, 2020

Google My Business Do’s and Don’ts | Quick Checklist for Best Local Search

Have a Google My Business listing? Want to boost your traffic, leads, sales, and overall appeal as a business? Then this article is well worth your time. Google My Business…
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