August 9

17 must-follow Instagram accounts for learning graphic design.


Follow these 17 Instagram accounts for graphic design education, inspiration, tips & hacks.

One of the most effective ways to become a better graphic designer is to pay attention and follow those who are already experts.

As a super visual medium, Instagram is a great source for novice and expert graphic designers to find inspiration and learn something new.

Check out Blackhawk’s favorite graphic design Instagram accounts.

1. Designspective | @designspective

designspective graphic design instagram

Designspective curates the best educational graphic design content from Instagram on one profile. This account has a particular focus on graphic design tips for social media.

2. Dain Walker | @dainwalker

dainwalker graphic design instagram

Dain Walker is a talented brand strategist. Follow this account to learn more about how graphic design principles apply to the complex concepts of branding.

3. Jack Nyberg | @uiuxdailytips

uiux graphic design instagram

Uiuxdailytips is a graphic design Instagram profile dedicated to helping people become better designers. Owned and operated by Jack Nyberg, this account offers tons of useful tips for user experience designers.

4. Sergio | @ui.sergio

ui.sergio graphic design instagram

ui.sergio helps graphic designers navigate the world of freelancing, but the content here is useful to all designers out there. Check out this account if you’re looking for free tools and resources, fun fonts, and more.

5. UI Gradient | @ui_gradient

ui_gradient graphic design instagram

ui_gradient is another great Instagram profile for graphic designers looking to improve the UI/UX skillsets. This account goes deeper into specific skills you need to become an even better designer.

6. Luke & Morgan Choice | @velvetspectrum

velvetspectrum graphic design instagram

Velvet Spectrum is a design and animation studio based in Astoria, Oregon operated by Luke and Morgan Choice. Check out this Instagram account for heaps and heaps of amazing inspirational graphic design content.

7. Onteractive: UX / UI Design | @onteractive

onteractive, ux / ui design instagram account screenshot

Onteractive is a helpful UI / UX and Product Design resource hub. They consistently post guides to improving design skillsets, as well as lists of courses, videos, and inspo websites.

8. Daily UX / UI Design Tips | @pix.ux

screenshot of instagram account pix.ux, a ux / ui design resource

pix.ux, as the name suggests, is an account that posts tips, tricks, and resources to improve the UX / UI of your designs (including underrated free design assets, which we’re always thankful for).

9. Wonderkind Co. | @wonderkindco

screenshot of instagram account of marketing agency

Wonderkind Co. is an advertising and marketing agency based out of Austin, Texas. They have an incredibly aesthetic Instagram and website. We’re jealous.

10. Graphic Design Blog | @graphicdesignblg

screenshot of graphic design blog instagram account

Graphic Design Blog, true to its name, has been posting the work of incredible designers for 7 years. We follow it, we love it, we use it to inspire us.

11. Ladies, Wine & Design | @ladieswinedesign

screenshot of ladies, wine, and design nonprofit instagram account

Ladies, Wine & Design is a nonprofit organization seeking to diversify the creative industry. They frequently host events and get-togethers to network and (obviously) have a glass of wine with local designers.

12. Learn UX / UI | @uxmaniac

screenshot of instagram account UX maniac

To become a great UX / UI designer, you must be a maniac. That’s why we follow UX Maniac, who posts almost daily with useful tips and guides on how to improve in this discipline.

13. UX Brainy | @uxbrainy

screenshot of UX / UI information instagram account UX brainy

UX Brainy, similar to other UX / UI accounts on this list, aims to educate their followers on the principles of user-friendly design. They post designs that are GOALS.

14. AIGA Eye on Design | @aigaeyeondesign

screenshot of instagram design account AIGA eye on design

For those who love to keep up with the latest and greatest design trends, AIGA Eye on Design is for you. They source work from designers all over the world, so you can know what’s going on in your space.

15. UX Swipe | @uxswipe

screenshot of instagram account UX swipe, resource for UX and UI best practices

We use Figma as a design platform, so UX Swipe’s handy Figma-specific tips come in handy. Similar to Onteractive, they also post daily updates on trends in the UX / UI design world.

16. Copywriter for Weirdos | @damnwrite

screenshot of copywriting instagram account damn write

Ami, the owner of Damn Write, posts entertaining content geared specifically towards writers. With a mix of tips, tricks, process advice, and hilarious memes, she’s the perfect word brain.

17. Elliot Ulm | @elliotisacoolguy

For a mixture of great designs and giggle-worthy humor, turn to Elliot Ulm’s Elliot is a Cool Guy (he does designs).

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