Expanding Brand Awareness for Buc-ee’s Gas Stations

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Summary of the Client

Buc-ee’s is an American chain of gas stations and convenience stores with over 35 locations in Texas, Alabama, and Florida. Founded in the 1980s, Texas natives are very familiar with the Buc-ee’s brand, known for enormous stations with super clean bathrooms and tons of gas pumps.


Buc-ee’s is notorious for their “punny” billboards along the highways of Texas, but before working with Blackhawk, they had never seriously ventured into the world of digital advertising.


They wanted to expand their brand’s presence from the highway into the digital landscape to reach customers who may not be familiar with the brand, as well as advertising new product lines, snacks, and treats.

  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing strategy
How Blackhawk Helped

We started by transforming the classic Buc-ee’s billboard designs into formats appropriate for digital media and ran a campaign in Melissa, Texas to announce the launch of a brand new gas station. These formats were then turned into ads on Facebook and Instagram. 


By collecting analytics from each ad we posted we were able to track their performance and optimize their reach. We used this philosophy throughout the campaign as we started to expand with a variety of different social media campaigns. 


Next, we created advertisements for their new popsicle line, Beaver Freezers and promoted the delicious summer treat at their store in Texas City, Texas and their new station outside Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Our next campaign ran at their Wharton, Texas location. Our designer created ads for their new line of Buc-ee’s potato chips.

The most recent campaign we ran with Buc-ee’s was to promote their partnership with Don’t Mess with Texas, an anti-littering organization that aims to keep Texas beautiful.

Impact & Results






Post Reactions


Post Shares

How Buc-ees Won.

Facebook and Instagram users alike loved Buc-ee’s first reach into digital media. The advertisements were swamped with positive post reactions and comments. 638 users enjoyed the ads so much they shared the posts with their friends!
During the popsicle campaign, stores were running out of Beaver Freezers. This shows that even campaigns that are exclusively digital can have a huge impact on physical sales. 
The most exciting metric is the reach of over 1 million people. Our successful campaign helped  place Buc-ee’s ads in front of roughly 1 in 30 Texans.