June 10

How Google Search Ads drive leads for your business.


Are you considering running ads on Google Search to get more customers for your business?

Seriously, we think it’s a great idea, and we’re here to help answer the question, “Why should I advertise with Google?”

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When it comes to search engines, there are many options to choose from: Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Dogpile… but only one accounts for up to 90% or more of all search traffic worldwide. Can you guess which one?

You’re right – it’s Google! It’s estimated there are over 2 trillion searches on Google every year. That’s over 5 billion searches per day and over 50,000 searches every second.

So, advertising with Google makes sense, doesn’t it? When people have a need for a product or service, Google is often the first place they look. As a business owner, when you want more customers, you should go to where the customers are.

In the words of HQ Trivia’s host, Scott Rogowsky, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Here’s how Google Search Ads can help grow your business:

Spend As Much As You Want

No matter your budget, Google is a great option for affordable advertising because there’s no minimum or maximum to how much you can spend. Plus, your ability to spend is incredibly flexible. You can spend $1000 in January, $500 in February, or $0 in March. It’s all up to you.

This is great for businesses that rely on a seasonal rush, like an air conditioner repair service in the summer or an e-commerce site selling winter clothing.

Note: We make budget recommendations based on your industry and the products/services you offer your customers. In certain cases, a budget as low as $500 per month will not be effective due to high competition and high average cost per click.

You Only Pay When Customers Click

This is one of the best aspects of Google Ads. Let’s take another classic form of advertising as an example: the billboard.

You’ve paid $5,000 for the month. But here’s the kicker, there’s no guarantee that the people driving or walking by your billboard notice that it’s there, or that they even remember the name of your business. Unfortunately, you’re paying for all of these missed opportunities.

The flip side? With Google Ads, impressions are 100% free. 

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to call your business or visit your website. (Cost per click is dependent on a variety of factors including industry and location. CPCs range anywhere from $0.01 to $20 or more, but the average is around $2-3.)

An Elevator Pitch For Your Business

Google’s advertising options have evolved A LOT over the years. As of 2019, a typical text ad contains the following:
– Who you are
– What you do
– Business address
– Business phone number
– Why consumers should choose you

Essentially, everything a potential customer really needs to know about your business can be included in an ad. If they like what they see, they click through to your website to learn more or contact you right then and there. BOOM, you’ve got another customer.

Accessible Analytics & Tracking

Back to that billboard example. When you’ve paid $5,000 for a month of advertising, you really have no idea how many leads or sales that billboard has generated for you.

Google is much more transparent with the results of your marketing efforts and dollars.

You’ll know exactly how many times your ads were seen, how many times searchers actually clicked your ads, how much you’ve paid for each of those clicks, and how many phone calls you received from your ads.

And that’s not all.

Google Ads can integrate with the code of your website to track important events (or conversions) like signing up for an email subscription, requesting a quote for a service, adding an item to an online shopping cart, and more.

Target Customers By Location

Google allows you to target people searching for terms related to your business by country, state, county, city, zip code, and/or radius.

If you’re an e-commerce site that sells t-shirts across the United States, you can easily reach shoppers from California to New York and back again.

Maybe you’re a pizza restaurant chain with four locations that deliver in a 15 mile radius. Your ads will only appear to searchers looking for pizza within your delivery areas.

Target Customers By Age and Gender

Does your business cater to men or women only? Maybe your typical customer is older than 30?

Regardless, Google Ads demographic targeting methods ensure your ads only appear in front of the people who you WANT to see your ads.

Advanced Targeting Methods

Just when you thought targeting ads based on a potential customer’s location, age, and gender was impressive… let’s get into some more intense targeting options.

As we mentioned above, Google can track a website visitor’s actions on your site e.g. email subscription, add-to-carts, or visits to a specific page. But this goes way beyond reporting purposes.

With the right settings in place, Google can create lists of website visitors who have performed specific actions and allow you to build ads just for those people. This is called remarketing.

This is a wonderful feature for one major reason: People who have already been to your website are at completely different steps in their decision-making processes.

You’ll want to write ads differently for someone who has never been to your website versus someone who has already signed up for your email newsletter.

How Can I Get Started?

Whether you’ve never advertised with Google before or you’re looking for professional management for an account you’ve already created, we’re here to help you. Contact Blackhawk Digital Marketing today and we’ll get started right away. Are you ready?

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