27 best free digital marketing tools and plugins.

How to Grow Your Business Without Breaking the Bank The digital marketing landscape is vast and can definitely be confusing. On top of that, it seems like understanding it and using the most effective tools for success costs money. However, it actually doesn’t have to cost a lot to create stellar digital marketing campaigns and […]

Comprehensive guide to Google search results pages [2021].

Breaking down Google search results what they each mean Chances are, you’ve probably Googled your fair share of queries, and you might have even noticed that the search results page sometimes looks different. Whether you’ve been looking to buy a stellar gift for your nerdy best friend or wanting to learn more about pangolins, some […]

Business email etiquette for Reply All: 10 tips on how to use it.

Email Etiquette: Using Reply All Clicking Reply All sends your message to everyone in the email chain. It can be rather noisy! Are you sure you want to use it? It’s a question everyone should ask themselves before responding to an email involving anyone other than your mom (and even then, you may want to […]

25 most important digital marketing KPIs for tracking business growth.

How to Measure Success in Digital Marketing Now that you’ve taken the step to transform the way you advertise your products and services, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or confused when faced with a slew of new terms and phrases.  Not to worry –– this post will walk you through key terms and phrases used […]

Why your small business needs these 5 social media channels to be successful.

Best Social Media Channels For Small Businesses As a small business owner, you have likely realized how vital social media is to getting your company’s brand on the radar of potential customers. Without a big well-known name driving your traffic, it’s hard to get noticed. Yet as online-based communication and different social technologies continue to […]

Google Ads Express “pay per phrase” is a scam.

Warning: Don’t Trust Anyone Selling Google “Pay Per Phrase“ Ads Sigh. It’s happened to the best of us. We naively click on a link promising free AirPods, or an email from your boss telling you to “Check this out!” and become plagued with alarming spam emails and never-ending phone calls. A client of ours recently […]

157 things to do during Coronavirus

It’s Coronavirus time, now what? Here’s a massive list of 157 things to do now that you have some extra time. Now that you’ve been quarantined into the abyss of loneliness and despair, just think, now’s the time to do those things you wish you had the time for. Plus Spring Break is here, so […]

Google trends and digital marketing: branding tops the list for 2019.

Google Trends is a great place to get real-time info on your related industry.  It’s especially useful to determine which keywords to go after for a Google Ads campaign or when optimizing a website for search engines (SEO). For this example, I added keywords commonly searched by people who are looking for digital marketing services. […]

Sitting down with Blackhawk: women in the workplace.

The Blackhawk Digital Marketing team sat down together to discuss the role women play in our office – which is 65% women. Let’s start with our fearless leader and CEO, Jonathan. Jonathan Windham – CEO Q. What does it mean to you that Blackhawk is 50% female owned and over 65% female run?A. I feel […]

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Let's talk about how we can grow your business.

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