March 15

157 things to do during Coronavirus


It’s Coronavirus time, now what? Here’s a massive list of 157 things to do now that you have some extra time.

Now that you’ve been quarantined into the abyss of loneliness and despair, just think, now’s the time to do those things you wish you had the time for. Plus Spring Break is here, so you’re bound to be looking for some ideas to keep you busy.

Just a reminder, it’s still an amazing time to be alive!

And if you’re an opportunist like me, you’re also thinking, “what can I do now to get ahead?”. I just love getting ahead. It drives me. When I’m doing something, I think, what else can I add to the mix. You know, 2 birds 1 stone. So now that we’re all forced to consider the consequences of being in public, and getting sick, this really is a great opportunity to catch up on the backlog of “to-do’s” and “wish I could’s”.

Without further ado, here’s my list of things I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start, finish, or try.

1. Read a book, of course that’s #1
2. Read another book, betcha didn’t expect that
3. Write down your fears
4. Start a new blog, check out
5. Send a text to a old friend
6. Ride your bike a few uncharted miles
7. Organize your Google Drive folders
8. Binge watch Cheer on Netflix
9. Then follow Monica on Instagram
10. Find new music on Spotify, try this playlist
11. Clean out your garage and throw stuff away
12. Organize your sock drawer
13. Start a new business, here’s a checklist
14. Paint a picture using watercolors
15. Cook a meal with almost expired ingredients
16. Walk the dog for fun, or
17. Take a solo walk around the neighborhood
18. Read your kids a book, The Book with No Pictures or anything by Mo Willems
19. Spend time with your kids and listen
20. Wash your sheets
21. Wash comforters, blankets, and pillows
22. Learn Spanish20 words you should know
23. Learn to code, start with HTML
24. Research your next trip, build a travel plan
25. Plan your next birthday party
26. Write your obituary
27. Learn to spell the 350 most commonly misspelled words
28. Call your mom, dad, or grandparents
29. Write a letter to a loved one, send it
30. Clean out your email, inbox zero, baby!
31. Meet your neighbors, stay 3 ft away, of course!
32. Make 500 shots on a basketball goal
33. Kick a soccer ball into a goal from 25 yards
34. Throw a football as far as you can
35. Drive around the city, 2 hrs minimum
36. Bake a vanilla cake with frosting
37. Bake chocolate chip cookies
38. Watch every episode of Seinfeld, or The Office
39. Learn how Elon Musk became Elon Musk
40. Learn to juggle, it’s not as hard as you think
41. Design a logo for yourself or someone else, and
42. Learn Canva
43. Buy a coloring book and colored pencils
44. Learn how Google makes all that money
45. Have sex with your spouse, or
46. Go on an exercise date with your significant other
47. Read a book of the Bible, Start with Romans
48. Pray and ask God to speak
49. Make a list of everyone you appreciate
50. Backup your iPhone pictures and videos
51. Write down your last 3 dreams
52. Lay down with your dog for 20 mins
53. Go outside at night and look at the stars
54. Download SkyView
55. Order more Vitamin C
56. Meditate for 5 mins
57. Go camping
58. Build a campfire
59. Practice your math tables
60. Research what WHO and CDC really do, and who they are
61. Look through an old photo album, star your favs
62. Write a letter to your future self
63. Research your family history
64. Write a joke, test it on some people
65. Learn to crochet, knit, or just sew a button
66. Write your child’s birth story
67. Watch The Breakfast Club (R)
68. Listen to Ben Harper’s “There Will Be A Light
69. Start and finish a puzzle
70. Clean out your closet, donate things you don’t wear
71. Pull the weeds in your lawn
72. Plants flowers in your yard and take pictures, of course
73. Clean the baseboards in your house
74. Clean all the windows in your house
75. Wash your car, kids can put on their bathing suites
76. Vacuum out your car
77. Floss your teeth
78. Google
79. See the power of Google Trends
80. Try a new beer
81. Try a new wine
82. Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
83. Listen to This American Life, specifically episode 360, Switched at Birth
84. Listen to Radiolab, specifically Patient Zero
85. Play Farkle with your family
86. Look up the meaning to bellicose and erudite
87. Practice yoga
88. Build a website, email me if you need help
89. Sing out loud with your favorite song
90. Do 100 pushups
91. Do 100 situps
92. Run a mile, or two, or 13.1
93. Share stories with your family, especially the kids
94. Eat dinner with your family, no distractions
95. Update your LinkedIn profile
96. Update your Facebook profile
97. Update your resume
98. Flip your mattress
99. Clean under your bed
100. Play with legos, build something breathtaking
101. Delete old apps from your phone
102. Write a story about your favorite family vacation
103. Hold a plank for 2 mins
104. Watch Game Changers on Netflix
105. Write your birthday wish list, Sarah sent me hers today
106. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in 2020
107. Drive into the countryside, listen to country music
108. Ask your child about their friendships, go down the list, one by one
109. Ask your baby, “who’s your daddy?”, lol
110. Have a pillow fight
111. Learn self-defense moves, check out Tiffany
112. Light some candles, turn off the lights, and take a bubble bath
113. Recreate a famous piece of artwork, it doesn’t have to be good
114. Build a planter box, plant some peppers
115. Brush your dog
116. Clean the kitty litter
117. Rearrange the living room
118. Hang some new pictures
119. Play Monopoly
120. Read Hyperloop Alpha
121. Change your batteries in your fire detectors
122. Change your air filters
123. FaceTime your family in another state
124. Watch The Odd Ones Out, you’ll thank me
125. Subscribe to Let me Explain Studios
126. Review the last 3 months of bank statements, cancel unused subscriptions
127. Watch Harry Potter memes on TikTok
128. Create a TikTok account
129. Go bird watching
130. Update your phone with a new wallpaper
131. Make a green smoothie, Mmmm
132. Read about Growth Mindset
133. Clean your room from top to bottom
134. Vacuum under the couch cushions
135. Have a dance party, do it alone
136. Strut your stuff in a mirror like a model, Yas queen!
137. Decorate your room with Christmas lights
138. Ask Siri “what is 0 divided by 0?”
139. Have a romantic dinner with candles
140. Bonus: make your kids be your servers
141. Water the plants in the house
142. Write a Christmas shopping list now
143. Design your Christmas card now
144. Look at a High School yearbook with someone special
145. Learn how to play Fortnite
146. Learn how to play Minecraft
147. Work on a new side hustle to earn some extra cash
148. Close old bank accounts that you don’t need
149. Watch Kobe talk about work ethic
150. Watch the tennis monster, Nick Kyrgios
151. Start a YouTube Channel
152. Start a Twitch streaming channel, or
153. Learn what Twitch is, and how it works
154. Check out Sypherok
155. Tell someone you love them
156. Write a blog post, kinda like this
157. Learn a magic trick

Stay curious my friends. Don’t fear, life is still very very good!

Just think, if you did everything you’ve always wanted to do, or even just 20 or 30 items from this list, you’d be in a much much better mood. More fulfilled. More hopeful. More accomplished.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share or add a comment below.

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