Maximizing ROI for the Nation’s Largest Locksmithing Franchise

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Pop-A-Lock is the largest professional locksmithing franchise in the country. It provides the full range of locksmithing services, from 24/7 emergency automotive services to home and business security, rekeying, and more.

The Challenge

Before Blackhawk, Pop-A-Lock’s website was built on a platform known for security issues. The corporate site and franchise sites were constantly on edge, wondering when – not if – their site would be hacked. 

Additionally, the site’s content was not SEO-optimized. The URLs and content were not strategically built to increase traffic and conversions. 

Pop-A-Lock was also struggling to turn ads into conversions, like clicks and impressions. They needed someone to run a Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign to increase clicks and impressions, and turn those into ROI.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing + Photography
  • Custom Web Development 
  • Google Display Ad Campaign + Image Design
  • Facebook Ad Campaign + Image Design

After bringing Blackhawk on board, all of these problems changed for Pop-A-Lock. We’ve provided a full range of services for Pop-A-Lock, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and photography, custom web development, and  Google ads and Facebook ads campaign management and image creation. 

For the website, we’re migrating from the old platform onto WordPress, which is much more secure. Corporate and franchise owners alike were able to let out a sigh of relief knowing their chances of getting hacked just significantly decreased. 

Completing this migration was no small feat:

  • Website has over 6,400 pages
  • Nearly 50% were lacking enough content to rank on Google (under 300 words)
  • Nearly 50% contained duplicate content, a huge SEO mistake
  • Nearly 50% were missing SEO optimized titles and meta descriptions
  • Nearly 60% were missing SEO optimized H1 and H2 tags

Throughout the migration, we’ve worked on updating and fixing all of these SEO issues to ensure better search engine placement for the site. We are removing duplicate content, building out pages to meet content minimums, updating URLs for enhanced site navigation and user-friendliness, and more. 

For Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, Blackhawk created a variety of image display ads for both platforms and strategically issued them. By the end of the campaigns, Blackhawk maximized Pop-A-Lock’s brand visibility and increased impressions and clicks throughout North America. This in turn increased ROI.