Taylor Dickmann

Head of Operations
about Taylor

After spending the first 22 years of her life in Missouri and Kansas, Taylor (she / her) is a Midwesterner through-and-through. She says “ope” and smiles at strangers on the sidewalk – she can’t help it. In both life and work, Taylor possesses an eclectic mix of interests (maybe it’s the Gemini in her). Her hobbies vary greatly, and include anything from visiting every brewery and taco truck in Austin to watching Formula 1 races on Sunday mornings, watching cheesy reality TV, paddleboarding, and attending music festivals around the country. As much as possible, Taylor likes to push herself outside of her comfort zone and try something new, whether that be transferring high schools midway through, attending a college where she knew no one (rock chalk Jayhawks), moving 12 hours from home to a city where she knew three people, or starting a job, moving apartments, and adopting a dog (her beloved Rosie) all within just one week.

Taylor at blackhawk

Taylor has often been told throughout her life that organization and leadership are her superpowers, and she feels strongly about the importance of both. She started with Blackhawk in 2019, joining the team as a Campaign Manager and working her way up to Head of Client Services over the next 3 years. In 2023, she shifted to the Head of Operations role, where she works within all of our teams (SEO, Web, Social, and Ads) to create systems and processes that allow for the most seamless, efficient, positive experience for our clients.

What our team has to say about Taylor.

Taylor truly embodies Blackhawk’s “get shit done” mentality more than anyone I have ever known. She’s the glue that holds together all of our teams, supports us as individuals, and always makes sure that we’re producing top-notch work for our clients and feeling our best in the workplace. Thank you Taylor! 

— Daria

Taylor’s work ethic is and attention to detail is unmatched. She doesn’t cut corners, and puts attention and care into every step. She is the organization queen and keeps the team in harmony. I am grateful to have worked alongside Taylor over the years and have her as a friend! She is a true teammate. 

— Karlee

Taylor's capabilities.

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