Client Management

Keep Things Running Smoothly With Blackhawk’s Client Managers

We understand that working with an agency can mean a lot of moving parts and different people doing different tasks for you. At Blackhawk, we have a Client Services team that is dedicated to making sure you are always in the loop with what we’re doing for you and how it’s going, from start to finish.

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Why It Matters

Your Client Manager serves as the main point of contact so you’re never stuck wondering who the right person is to send your request to. Additionally, our Client Managers keep everyone on the Blackhawk team connected and on track to meet and exceed expectations and deadlines.

For us to do our job right and well, we need you to be in the loop. We are not a set-it-and-forget-it company. Whether it be gathering access to existing profiles during onboarding, setting up check-in calls throughout our work together, or answering any and all questions that come up – the Client Services team really is the glue that holds it all together on both sides of the ball!

What Client Management Means for You

Onboarding Expertise 

  • A dedicated person to walk you through onboarding, step-by-step, and help provide a smooth transition into working with Blackhawk 
  • One main point of contact to take out the confusion of who to ask 
  • Regular (i.e. weekly) status updates via email throughout the process, so you always know where things stand and what is coming next 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls to sync on onboarding status 

Ongoing / Monthly Support

  • Direct access to your campaign manager for any questions
  • Regularly scheduled check-in calls with appropriate Blackhawk team members 
  • Detailed recap emails after every call with actions items clearly outlined
  • 24/7 access to ticketing system for any requests or questions 
  • Guaranteed email response time from your Client Manager 
  • Journal tracking all conversations and notes – for retroactive reference 
  • Shared Drive library for teams to share all useful assets 
  • Task management between client and Blackhawk team members
  • If applicable, a dedicated project timeline, calendar and task tracker

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