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The average business appears on Google searches 1,009 times per month – that’s 33 times per day. Blackhawk can help increase your search visibility with smart Google My Business management.

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Google My Business is growing fast. What is it?

Google offers a free and easy-to-use digital profile for businesses and organizations. A Google My Business listing will appear on the right side of the search engine results page as a distinct box with key pieces of information about your business. It can also appear as an integrated part of a map location listing. This profile makes it easier than ever to manage your business account across Google, including Search and Maps.

Editing and verifying your business’ information makes it possible to reach more customers, tell them your story, and help them find you, wherever you may be.

How GMB Impacts Your Business:

Business owners now have the ability to attract new customers from a simple Google search. Google My Business (GMB) is often the first place users go to find more information about a specific business, organization, or restaurant. GMB search results are located in one of these places:

  • Google search results

  • Google Maps search results

  • Knowledge Panel

How to Use Google My Business

Your GMB profile is where users can find useful information about your business. This includes things like hours of operation, a short description, reviews, and unique attributes.


This lets customers know where to find you, and links directly to Google Maps. If your business moves, make sure to update this field to let everyone know where you’re headed.

Business Hours

It’s equally important to update your business hours so that they’re accurate. Google even has the option to include holidays, which may have an effect on your opening and closing times.


This is where you have the opportunity to ‘introduce yourself’ to customers. Let them know what you do and why you do it.

Contacts and Links

Google has given you the option to add as much information about your business as you’d like. There are sections within the profile for contact information and links to outside websites, such as your company website. In the case of businesses in the food industry, there is an option to link to your menu, and even to third-party delivery apps.


Adding photos to your profile helps users get a feel for what’s in store for them. It’s helpful to include photos of your product, your team, the inside of your business, or even the building itself. This is another way of ‘introducing yourself’.


Users will also be able to see what others are saying about your business. Past customers can rate it on a scale of 1-5 stars, leave more in depth reviews, and even post any photos they took while they were there. You, as the business owner, however, have the option to delete any of these reviews.


If there’s still more information you’d like to include on your GMB profile, you can find that in the ‘Add Attributes’ section. There are two types of attributes in the GMB platform.

  • Factual attributes include things such as outdoor seating, acceptable payment types, Wi-Fi availability,  LGBTQ+ friendly, or languages spoken. These can be edited from your GMB profile.
  • Subjective attributes are based on responses received from reviewers, and include things such as ‘popular with tourists’, ‘good for kids’, ‘upscale’, etc.

To find a full list of business attributes for Google My Business, click here.

Google My Business also allows for business owners to post replies to reviews, as well as post directly from the platform, like social media. The difference is that these GMB posts only stay up for 7 days, after which they are automatically deleted.

GMB and Google Maps

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between my Google My Business profile and the search result that appears on Google Maps? Well, technically, they’re the same thing.

The truth is, anybody can add a location on Google Maps. That being said, simply adding that location does not mean that person is the owner of a GMB account for that business, so they have no control over the information that appears on the listing. The only way for you as a business owner to gain control of an existing listing (or create a new one) is to create a Google My Business account and manage it from there.

How We Can Help You

Blackhawk’s Google My Business management services save time and generate winning results. We excel in Google My Business because we have access to world class people, tools, and expertise. Since 2016, Blackhawk has managed over 100 Google My Business accounts. Our work shows that we know how to optimize your profile to reach your marketing objectives. Whether your business is in locksmithing, home services, consumer products, or special events, our GMB management services will give you the “digital advantage.”

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