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The goal of running Google Display Ads is to drive awareness, traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions, using highly targeted imagery and messaging in various locations within the Google Display Network.

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Determining Which Display Ads are Right For You

Blackhawk’s Google Display Advertising services include everything you need to get started with Google Ads, from budget and schedule optimization, to conversion tracking, to location and demographic targeting.

Similar to Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads are entered into the Google Display Network, an amalgamation of over 2 million websites that have partnered with Google to display these advertisements.

According to Google, these websites have the capability to reach over 90% of Internet users. This does not mean, however, that your ads will be shown to all of these users. With the Google Display Network, ads can be targeted to a variety of audience characteristics:


This is the traditional demographic targeting we most often see in marketing. Targeting ads in this way include targeting by age, location, job position, income, or gender. It is also possible to target users who have previously visited your site, or users who are more likely to be interested in your product or service.


Targeting by context is a way to use specific keywords or topics to ensure that your ads are shown on websites that pertain to the content of your ad. For example, somebody researching a February trip to Utah would be likely to see your ad for winter clothing.

There are also several types, formats, and layouts of advertisements that are available to you within the Google Display Network:

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads consist of a short piece of text and an image. From there, Google will optimize the way your ad is displayed based on the location in which it is shown. This helps the ad ‘blend’ into the style of a particular website.

Uploaded Image Ads

If you’d prefer to create your own ads and simply upload them to the Display Network, the Uploaded Image Ads format is ideal.

Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads are in video or image format, and are run across sites such as YouTube. These ads are also run on a cost-per-engagement basis, meaning that a user must mouse over the ad for more than 2 seconds.

Gmail Ads

These are ads that are shown at the top of user inboxes, either within the Gmail app or on the Gmail webpage.

While Google Search Ads capture the attention of users who are already in ‘search mode’, Google Display Ads more effectively reach consumers who are in earlier stages of the purchase cycle.

These ads could create demand for new consumers within your target market, or serve as a reminder for users who have previously had contact with your business that they have a need for your product or service.

Google Ads and Analytics

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to keep track of ad performance and make changes accordingly. Google Analytics is just one of the many analytics tools Blackhawk’s team is familiar with, and we’d be happy to help. Click here for more information regarding Blackhawk’s Analytics Services.

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