Auditing & Upgrading Quisitive’s Google Ads Search Campaigns to Follow Best Practices and Enhance Performance


Founded in 2016, Quisitive is the premier Microsoft partner in North America. They take a unique, modern approach to providing businesses with Microsoft and cloud solutions.


They specialize in Microsoft cloud platform solutions; consulting firm for business companies that are trying to implement the software to improve business strategy and planning

Save money, save resources, move into newest technology, speed up timelines

The Challenge

The Quisitive team had already set up a Google search campaign on their own, but they weren’t happy with the results. They partnered with Blackhawk’s ad team to clean up the campaign and improve performance.


Google Ads Account Audit
Google Ads Campaign Optimization & Relaunch


In Quisitive’s original campaign setup, they had two campaigns with one ad group each. In those ad groups there were hundreds of keywords.

Following best practices, ad groups should contain no more than 5-8 keywords. We exported their keyword list and reorganized the content in much more specific groups.

With more specific ad groups in place, we were then able to write highly customized ad copy that’s tailored to the keywords in each ad group and the search terms that would match them when users search on Google.

With this new ad group and ad copy setup, we earned higher Quality Scores which helps drive down Avg. Cost per Click.

After uploading the new campaign structure into their account, we then implemented best practices for campaign configuration in regards to geographic demographic, and audience targeting, as well as ad extensions, device targeting, and more.

Our Work