Decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost for Perspire Sauna Studio


Perspire Sauna Studio is a franchise providing infrared sauna therapy services to customers all over the United States. Blackhawk partnered with three Austin area locations, in Northwest Hills, the Triangle, and Westlake Hills.


Before working with Blackhawk this franchise owner was utilizing the standard ad sets provided by their corporate office, employing the same strategy as every other franchise owner around the U.S.


They come to us looking for something different.

The Challenge

Perspire sought a digital marketing partner to deliver powerful results with ad campaigns specifically tailored to their Austin area sauna studios, rather than utilizing the same formula as their fellow franchise owners in different cities throughout the country.


Creating and running Google Search and Facebook Ads campaigns that are unique to one or a few locations in a smaller area often drives higher engagement, since the ads can be tailored even further with a smaller demographic to target. In Perspire’s case, the goal was to achieve increased sign-ups for their introductory service packages.


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Blackhawk’s team revamped Perspire’s Google Search and Facebook Ads campaigns, using enhanced location, demographic, and keyword targeting tactics that would funnel more first time customers to their three sauna locations at a lower cost.

Our Work