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Run Engaging Campaigns.

Facebook Ads: We run engaging ad campaigns, designed to increase sales, leads, or brand awareness for your business.

Instagram Ads: We utilize Instagram ad campaigns to successfully target and capture the attention of potential customers, driving them to your business.

Google Search Ads: When customers search for terms related to your business online, we make sure that your ads appear at the top of the Google search results.

Google Local Services: When people search for your services near their location, we configure your account to position you at the top of the list.

Google Display Ads: We design and implement Display Ads into your marketing strategy, helping you reach people while they’re browsing popular websites.

Technical On-Site SEO: We optimize websites for search visibility using a variety of key SEO tactics, including custom titles, meta descriptions, alternative text on images, and more.

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We Love Our Clients

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"The whole team at Blackhawk is amazing! They have set up our business with a very tight marketing package that works. Our very first call from a Google search ad that they set up brought us a huge sale of $25K! Jonathan, Graham and the team are better than we could have possibly imagined. BTW, we have only been open for less than 3 months. Wish we had started this sooner! Owner- Temperature Pro Charleston"

Melissa Tuala

Facebook 28

"We have been working with Blackhawk for six months and have seen steady progress in our marketing results. The Blackhawk team has taken the time to understand our business, proactively manage our marketing budget and made thoughtful suggestions. They are focused and disciplined in their approach and have displayed good attention to detail. Best of all, the team is easy to work with and eager to please."

Tom McMeekin

Facebook 29

I've worked with quite a few marketing agencies in my career and co-founded one, as well. I've never met a group of professionals who are as frictionless to work with as Blackhawk. Not only are they experts in their field, but they cut through the wasted time I've experienced with others. I went from needing a partner to launching campaigns on multiple channels in weeks. That would have taken months with other agencies. Beyond the unbelievable launch process, they have grown with my team and continue to provide expert advice. I highly recommend working with Blackhawk.

Matt McAlister

Tools and Technologies

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Google Ads help us put our clients at the top of Google search results, and therefore increasing their chances of reach, impressions, clicks, calls, web traffic and more.

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We create and run ad campaigns on Facebook in order to target and reach your optimal potential customers. Facebook Ads Manager allows us to see direct results from an ad campaign.

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