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Katie Burkhart, Intern Class of 2017

“Blackhawk truly is the best place to start your career.”

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How did you learn about our internship program?


What areas did you get to work in while at Blackhawk?

Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design

What was your favorite part about the Blackhawk Internship Program?

My favorite part about Blackhawk’s Intern Program was that I got to do REAL work that affected REAL clients and was shown to REAL customers. It was so cool to not just be learning, but to work on stuff that was driving results and improving the company. I also loved going on client visits with Jonathan. Other companies would want to put their “most experienced” people in front of clients, but Jonathan was happy to let me experience client engagement. Because of all this, I felt a lot of trust from him and that’s a rare thing to find in a boss. You really want to work for someone who has your best interest in mind and wants to see you grow and succeed. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Blackhawk.

Did you enjoy working in a “start-up” like workspace? Did you feel like you benefited from being in a smaller work environment?

I absolutely enjoyed the start-up environment! Because of the smaller team, I was able to touch several parts of the business and really learn my niche (copywriting/content dev). If I had been boxed into a certain role with a short bullet list of my daily tasks, I may not have ever known of other strengths I have or gain knowledge on how the process works for other areas of the business. An internship is all about LEARNING, and Blackhawk provides that environment by allowing their interns to experience all aspects of the start-up. Lastly, and most importantly, working for a small start-up means you get to know everyone at the company! You know their names, things they love, things that piss them off, what they do in their free time, what’s currently going on in their life, etc. It’s really nice to have a strong networking opportunity and see familiar faces everyday in the office.

Did your Blackhawk internship continue after the end of the official program?


Describe your experience with the Blackhawk Internship Program in 5 words.

An experience like no other.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Blackhawk?

If you’re looking to go into the creative field like I was (copywriting, web dev, art direction), this is a really great place to start and build your portfolio. Even if the clients aren’t “big names” or “Fortune 100 companies”, it doesn’t matter. And whoever tells you that it matters is wrong. Because I believed that, too. Experience is experience. It doesn’t matter what logo is on the design or what the company name is. What does matter is how robust your portfolio is, and if that’s what you need to build, then this is where you want to start. Like I said, you get to do real work here!!! This isn’t true everywhere else so take advantage of it! You can drive real results and show it off on your portfolio and resume! Blackhawk truly is the best place to start your career. I wouldn’t have landed a copywriter gig at Capital One after college if it weren’t for my experience at Blackhawk and the work I did there to showcase on my portfolio site.