Strengthening company services with a cohesive brand flow

Blackhawk | ABACI 2 | Austin Digital Marketing Agency
Summary of Client

ABACI enables high growth businesses to succeed by providing expertise on NetSuite and Adaptive Insights integration and implementation.


When Blackhawk began working with ABACI, there was a lack of brand cohesiveness and functionality. The company lacked strong SEO tactics and needed a more user friendly website so users could better understand what the company’s services were.

Blackhawk wanted to give them a strong cohesive brand with a smart SEO strategy.

  • Account Onboarding
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy & Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads Campaign Management
How Blackhawk Helped

With a focus on a more attractive and organized web presence, we recreated their brand using clean features, strong colors, and polished graphics. We then made sure their social media and ads matched the branding style of the website.

We created a strong SEO landscape so the website not only looked good, but also had an impactful presence in gaining users. We created an efficient advertising system that allowed the company to spend money effectively.

Our Google Ads strategy targeting keywords related to NetSuite implementation and consulting worked so well that we outranked NetSuite’s ads. NetSuite reached out to the client and we had to adjust our strategy to show up below NetSuite (or else face their wrath)!


Impact & Results








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ABACI wanted to be presented as a strong cohesive brand that had a functional and attractive website. Customers were confused on who ABACI was and what they actually did.

Blackhawk’s integrated strategy of design, user experience, SEO, and advertising led to an increase in website visibility in organic and paid search results. Users now understand how strong of a brand ABACI is and know exactly what they will get when exploring their services. Customers can easily discover ABACI online and find impactful, compelling content that calls users to click, share, and use their services.