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Engaging, Memorable Visual Content

Creating and using compelling imagery is a large part of a successful marketing strategy. Blackhawk’s professional photography and video services can not only strengthen your brand, but show your customers that when it comes to your industry, you mean serious business.

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Engaging, Memorable Visual Content

People are 65% more likely to remember information when it is presented with a relevant image. Without a visual component, people are only likely to remember 10% of that information after 3 days. We know it sounds trite, but first impressions are important, so ensuring yours is memorable and visually appealing is a must. Professional, high-resolution photos are a surefire way to capture and retain a consumer’s attention.

Similarly with video, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the highest ROI. In fact, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than marketers who don’t. No matter how you put it, visual content, whether it be photo or video, has the potential to boost your business to new heights.

Visual content is a key component in the representation of your brand. We work with our clients to understand their brand and goals, so our photography and videos can highlight their unique personality, drive customer engagement, and feature product details. Blackhawk’s experienced and enthusiastic photographers are ready to amp up your website, social media, or overall digital marketing strategy with stunning visual content and extremely fast turnaround times.

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Blackhawk Digital Marketing is ready to provide your company or organization with professional photography and video services for your website and digital marketing use.

Made up of professional photographers, our in-house photography services team will add value to your website with high-resolution employee headshots, team photos, corporate event photography, product photography, business location, and custom photoshoots.

We can even set up monthly, semi-annual, or annual shoots, so your company gets a visual refresh as often as you’d like.

Standard Package Includes:

Business Location Photos

Whether you want to show off the interior or exterior of your business, we can capture the most important parts of your space, so that people near and far can feel like they’re there, too.

Business location photos are also important to update your Google My Business profile so viewers can become familiar with where you are located and to showcase the experience your brand has to offer.

Corporate Headshots & Team Photos

Whether for press releases, corporate websites, PR purposes, or any number of other uses, your headshots represent you and your team’s professionalism to prospective clients. Our on-site photography option makes the shoot convenient for you and your team and allows you to feel comfortable on your home turf.

Looking for something more custom and unique than standard headshots? We are here to capture the spirit of your company or organization the way you want it.

Corporate Event Photography

Our photographers strive to capture the energy and emotion of your event, so you and everyone else can remember, share, and brag about it for years to come.

No matter the event, we will make it appear sizable, exciting, and engaging. These images can be used for promotions or showcasing your brand; shared with clients and colleagues; or any other digital marketing purpose.

Essentials Package Includes:

Product Photography

Top-quality product photography is a big factor in boosting ecommerce conversions. Shoppers are 3x more likely to purchase a product if there are high-quality images associated with it.

No matter your product, we will highlight its most important aspects just the way you want. Don’t have a creative vision? Our team bursts with creativity and will construct a shoot that embodies you and your brand.

Ultimate Package Includes:

Custom Photo Shoot

Got a special project in mind? We can tackle it. Email us your wish list, and we will work our magic to make your dreams come true!

Let Us Take the Lead


Blackhawk Digital Marketing is ready to provide your company or organization with professional photography and video services for your website and digital marketing use.

Photography & Video

What’s Included With Every Shoot:
Full-day or half-day photo shoots with all necessary equipment
Professional camera and lens kits
Professional lighting setup
Single-shooter and multi-shooter options
Photo editing, color correction, and retouching
Complete photo library access with full usage rights
Complete photo library access with full usage rights
Photo metadata for SEO best practices
Photo library hosting
Types of Photoshoots:
Corporate team photography
Product photography
Commercial photography
Event photography
Location and architectural photography
Lifestyle photography
Food photography
Social media photography