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The goal of investing in professional content development services is to create comprehensive, relevant, and authoritative web content for consumption by prospects and customers, and that will contribute to your site’s search engine visibility.

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Why Invest In Content Development?

While website content is helpful to visitors who want to learn more about your product or service, it is also vital for other aspects of business, such as search engine optimization, furthering a brand personality, and growing your business overall.

Solid Content Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content that is modified and optimized using SEO best practices helps your site appear higher up in users’ Google search results, thereby increasing traffic to your site. 

These modifications can range from editing copy to include industry keywords, to including links to high authority outside websites. Visit our SEO Service page for a more in-depth look at Blackhawk’s SEO services.

Brand Personality

Creating and maintaining a brand personality means ensuring that all branded messaging is consistent across all channels. This includes the language and design work that is posted on social, on your website, in emails, and in your advertisements. 

Content development can create a strong starting point for your business’ brand personality, and vice versa. Blackhawk can help with both of these. Click here to learn more about our Brand Development Services.

Content written by experts who understand the concepts behind effective digital marketing is a valuable asset for any business to have. This content can be a big stepping stone to achieving a number of business goals:

  • Commercial Growth
  • Brand Awareness
  • Ability to reach a target audience more effectively
  • Revenue Increases
  • Reaching new customers
  • Becoming a strong competitor in your industry
How We Develop Content

Creating effective and engaging content is not a ‘one and done’ process. There are many factors that are considered to ensure that our writing and design is beneficial across the board, including your website, ads, and social.


Before any content is created, we do our research. This involves learning about your company and industry in order to use the correct language, and doing keyword research to help your website appear in accurate and lucrative web searches.


This is where the content development comes into fruition. Our content development services include website copy, Adobe Stock photography, and blog writing. We tailor the content we write to align with your business’ goals, whether that be immediate action or increasing website traffic.


Editing content, adding meta tags on images, and using various forms of media on a website allows it to appear higher in user searches. This means the content you put out gets seen by more people, bringing in more potential customers for your business.


Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics allows us to track and record user engagement with your website, including leads, exit rates, and session duration. Visit our Analytics Service Page to explore what these services entail.

How We Can Help

Blackhawk Digital Marketing is determined to provide your company or organization with effective content writing to help you reach your objectives. Explore our Content Development Services and pricing below, or contact us with any questions you may have regarding our work.

Content Development

Original Content Creation
Landing Pages, Service Pages, Product Pages, Service Area/Location Pages
Customized, Unique Copy Written in Brand Voice
Optimized for SEO: Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), Alternative Text on Images
SEO Plugin Setup: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Slugs
Mobile Friendly Layout
Existing Content Rewrite & Optimization
Update Existing Page Content
Optimize for SEO: Headings, Alternative Text on Images
Readability Updates
SEO Plugin Setup: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Slugs
Mobile Friendly Layout
Article/Blog Writing
Monthly Custom Articles or Blogs
Optimized for SEO
SEO Plugin Setup: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Slugs
Expert Research
External Links to Credible Sources for Citations
Internal Links to Connect Relevant Content
Revisions to Ensure Quality and Accuracy
Adobe Stock Photography
3 New Licensed Photos per Page, Article, or Blog Post
Used in Custom Content
Available for Use on Other Digital Platforms and Channels After Licensing