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Digital Onboarding Services

The goal of Digital Onboarding is to create a unified location where all of your company’s digital accounts will live. It’s also important that your company has access to all of these platforms, both for yourself and for any future service providers. This practice makes for an organized way to keep all important information in one place, as well as ease of access to any platform.

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What Does Digital Onboarding Entail?

The rise of digital media in marketing has allowed for the creation of increasingly more effective analytics, targeting, and advertising tools. With so many platforms and programs on the market, it can become difficult to keep track of everything that pertains to your company’s digital marketing efforts

This experience is especially common when a management team does not have proper access to all of these services — whether it’s because of previous experiences with outside service providers or improper/inefficient setup processes. At Blackhawk, there are 4 main components when it comes to the Digital Onboarding process:

Gaining Access to Services

This step is where we get in contact with any agency that has or previously had access to any of the services listed below. Getting in touch with them allows us to transfer true ownership of the service to your company, giving you control over every tool your business needs.

Setup of Services

If there are any programs or platforms that you feel your business is missing, Blackhawk would be happy to set them up for you, as well as teach you how to use them.

Master List

In order to keep all of these platforms organized, we recommend creating a master document that will house important information regarding these services (logins, passwords, notes, etc.). This way, if or when this information changes hands, it will be a much smoother and faster process.

Campaign Strategy

In addition to the organizational aspect of Digital Onboarding, Blackhawk will optimize your campaign strategies as they pertain to each service. This includes keyword research and defining targets, locations, and demographics.

Platforms and Programs

As we mentioned before, there are a plethora of services that have been created to aid with digital marketing efforts. These services give business owners and managers freedom to position themselves the way they want to in industry, as well as get insights regarding outreach and potential leads.

Google My Business & Reviews

Google My Business is a service created by Google for business owners and managers. Your GMB profile is used to communicate useful information about your company or organization to potential customers. Blackhawk also offers services directly pertaining to GMB. The Reviews section of GMB is also a valuable tool, especially with regards to Reputation Management.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics service that can give you vital insights about the performance of your website. These insights include Website Traffic, Click Through Rates, Bounce Rates, Total Leads, and Conversion %. Learn more about Google Analytics here.

Google Ads

Yet another Google service, Google Ads is the platform from which your company runs ads that appear in Google searches as well as Google’s partner websites. These ads include Google Search ads and Google Display ads.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager allows business owners to keep track of advertising and other business assets such as pages and events. This profile is completely separate from a personal profile, and can be managed by a business owner or an outside agency.

Facebook Ads

These are the ads that will live on your Facebook Business Manager account. Their goal is to drive engagement and traffic to your website or company page. To find more information about our services regarding Facebook Advertising, visit our Facebook Ads page.

Facebook Business Page

Your business page can also be managed from your Facebook Business Manager account. This page is where Facebook users who either clicked on an ad or searched your company name can find information about you, including photos, location, hours, and reviews.

Website Hosting

This is what makes your company’s website accessible to Internet users. In addition to design and development, Blackhawk also edits and writes website content to increase SEO and readability. Visit these pages to learn more about Blackhawk’s Website Hosting Services and SEO Services.

Cloudflare Account

Cloudflare is a network that provides website owners and users with speed, safety, and reliability. It can also protect users and websites from cyber attacks, such as DDoS and bots.

Instagram Account

Many companies worldwide have a presence on social media, and Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. Showing your brand’s presence and personality on Instagram is very important because it shows your audience more of who you are than an ad can.

What makes this even easier is the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means Instagram ads and promotional content can be run and managed directly from Facebook Business Manager.

LinkedIn Admin Account

A LinkedIn admin account is similar to a Facebook Business page. This is a LinkedIn page specifically pertaining to your company, from which you can also run ads. Check out this page for information about LinkedIn Advertising Services.

How We Can Help

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to Digital Onboarding, and business owners often have their hands full already. Blackhawk Digital Marketing understands this, which is why we offer our comprehensive Digital Onboarding services.

Digital Onboarding

Gain Access or Setup to Any of the Following Services
Google My Business
Google My Business Reviews Account
Google Analytics Account
Google Ads Account
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Ad Account
Facebook Business Page
Website Hosting
Domain Registrar
Cloudflare Account
Instagram Account
LinkedIn Admin Account
Other In-house Marketing Tools (as needed)
Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy
Develop a digital strategy for email, advertising, and website traffic for conversions
Marketing Research
Competitive Research
Keyword Research
Define Campaign Goals
Define Campaign Budgets
Define Targeting
Define Locations
Define Demographics