CRM Management & Automation

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If you don’t have a CRM system for your business yet or if you have one but aren’t using it to its fullest potential, Blackhawk can help!

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What is a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management, system allows you to manage leads and current customers in the most effective and efficient way. Initially, a CRM can be confusing, but it truly pays off to use it well because it powers your business. Using a CRM will give you data about the customer lifecycle, allowing you to build and improve relationships with customers. Having data about all your customers, potential and returning, means you can broaden your acquisition reach as well as increase your retention rate! 

Benefits of a CRM include:
  • Better data organization
  • Enhanced communication
  • Easily share information
  • Catch all your leads
  • Know your numbers

How We Can Help You

Even the initial stage of setting up your CRM is crucial because you’ll need to make lots of choices upfront. Blackhawk can help you navigate what all the options mean and advise the best choices for your specific business needs. Our actionable plans will establish what fields you should store, how to set up specific triggers, and how to set up integrations, so your business data can flow seamlessly. Blackhawk is a Mailchimp and Hubspot partner, and these platforms can help revolutionize the way your business flows.


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