Stanberry Realtors

A Marketing Plan For Success


Stanberry Realtors is a local Real Estate Agency. They specialize in Commercial & Residential real estate in Central Texas.


Before working with Blackhawk, Stanberry was lacking a clear roadmap for marketing success through digital platforms. The company needed more digitally generated leads to continue to grow the business.

In a time where digital advertising is evolving just as fast as the technology it uses, keeping up can be very difficult. Stanberry entrusted Blackhawk to do a full digital audit of Stanberry Realtors digital presence. After analyzing the data, Blackhawk provided a thorough, readable, and understandable full-funnel marketing plan to move forward.

How Blackhawk Helped

Blackhawk did a thorough comb-through of Stanberry Realtor’s digital identity. After Blackhawk provided the roadmap to digital success, Stanberry was able to take their recommendations & solutions and implement them.

Stanberry was able to update platforms such as their Facebook Business page. Google My Business, Instagram, and their website to better benefit the company.

Further Client Reach

Through better demographics and geographical locations

New Content Creation

A downloadable “Guide to Dripping Springs” among other blogs

Updated Web Mapping

Through a more clearly defined target audience visiting their website

Through the completion of the Marketing Plan, Stanberry Realtors had a clear path to follow in order to increase their digital traffic as well as improve their digital presence. With this information, Stanberry was able to continue growing and have a competitive advantage over other realtor agencies in the central Texas area.

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