Jennifer Boudreau, Intern Class of 2017

“I am so thankful for a company that supports not only my professional goals, but my personal dreams as well!”

How did you learn about our Internship Program?


What areas did you get to work in while at Blackhawk?

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, Website Admin, Graphic Design, Operations

What was your favorite part about the Blackhawk Internship Program?

My favorite part of the Blackhawk Internship Program was definitely the ability to work with real clients and do real work. I wasn’t just fetching coffee for the high level employees, I was working one on one with the CEO and Head of Growth, helping make decisions that affected the company and our clients. It was really cool. I learned so much through this responsibility and to this day I use the skills I learned that summer!

Did you enjoy working in a “start-up” like workspace? Did you feel like you benefited from being in a smaller work environment?

I benefited greatly from this small work environment, working with CEO and being able to have creative & professional freedom to help & guide clients and fellow team members was very valuable to learning the digital marketing space. I also was able to touch in a little bit of everything the company does, which was very beneficial in developing knowledge of the industry.

Did your Blackhawk Internship continue after the end of the official program?


Describe your experience with the Blackhawk Internship Program in 5 words.

Passionate, Valuable, Exciting, Unforgettable, & FUN

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Blackhawk?

I came on full-time after my internship and have been with the company two and a half years. My time with Blackhawk has been an amazing rollercoaster of ups & downs, but at the end of the day I am so lucky to have been working with this amazing team! Throughout my time with the company I have learned much more than I would have with any other large corporation – that I am sure of. Not only have I learned the professional side of working, but I have learned the emotional side as well – how to manage people, how to communicate with people, how to encourage & motivate people, and most of all how to do all of this with kind intentions at heart. I now work remotely for Blackhawk in Sydney, Australia. This is proof that if you stick with something and you give it your all anything can happen. I am so thankful for a company that supports not only my professional goals, but my personal dreams as well!