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Emily Powers, Intern Class of 2019

“My favorite part of the Blackhawk Internship Program was the “real” work completed.”

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How did you learn about our internship program?

Word of Mouth (Friends, employees, etc.)

What areas did you get to work in while at Blackhawk?

Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Creation.

What was your favorite part about the Blackhawk Internship Program?

My favorite was the “real” work completed; not just getting coffee for full time employees. I also enjoyed the nice, family oriented environment that is flexible with your schedule and understands when you have other obligations.

Did your Blackhawk internship continue after the end of the official program?


Describe your experience with the Blackhawk Internship Program in 5 words.

Interesting, appreciated, helpful, fun, and (tbh) wacky at times