How Facebook Could Be Getting Your Home Service Business New Leads


Note: Facebook Marketplace Home Services is still expanding and may not be available in your area yet.

In late May 2018, Facebook announced it was jumping on the bandwagon and entering the home service market. We’ve spent some time learning about this new Facebook function and have found the following insights with the hopes to make you and your franchise Facebook Marketplace experts!

So what is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is essentially a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange pretty much anything. Think Craigslist or eBay but all hosted through Facebook. Just another example of Facebook creeping into every aspect of our lives… kind of scary, we know.

However, Facebook’s new Home Services functionality has the potential to bring bundles of new clients to your business! Not only that but with Facebook getting into the lead generation business in such a direct way, that could mean easy leads from a reputable brand at low cost.

Facebook Marketplace Is Adding Home Services.

Facebook is taking its same Marketplace model but now updating it to include home services. This means that users will be able to search from thousands of home service experts and receive real-time quotes. This is a good move on Facebook’s part as the home service industry is booming; more and more people are seeking out trustworthy and credible home service professionals, especially online. In fact, Bowen Pan, a Facebook Product Manager, stated that, “ More people ask for recommendations related to home services on Facebook in the U.S. than any other topic.” Clearly, business is good and it’s exciting that Facebook and the rest of the Silicon Valley tribe are taking notice.

How Does It Work?

Through it’s partners, Handy, HomeAdvisor and Porch, Facebook can access information from thousands of professional service businesses,  such as ratings, reviews, and locations. The entire process is done inside Facebook, as quotes and conversation can be sent back and forth through Facebook’s Messenger app. What’s even handier is how the services are categorized! Users are able to search for their needs such as, “HVAC repair” and quickly get listings of home service professionals that meet their search query and any other additional filters they apply.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

What’s awesome about this new Facebook roll out is it is 100% free! In order for potential clients to see your listings, simply make sure you are signed up with Handy, HomeAdvisor, or Porch. In a world where online search is everything, Facebook is making huge changes to the game for the home services industry. By allowing its users to find your business through a platform they already frequent (More than 14 times a day on average!) will not only increase their user satisfaction, but it has the makings to be a HUGE new client source for your business. Most importantly, this new search outlet comes at no cost to your business.

All in all, social media is becoming more and more important for every range and size of the company. Facebook Marketplace’s Home Services function is another prime example of how social media can help your business grow and succeed. Contact the Blackhawk team to learn more.