Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to use stock photos or can we use our own photos for ads?

We have access to stock photos, but we also love using anything you have on file for even more authenticity.

Are there any fees associated with licensing or software?

No extra software fees. We build that into our pricing (we use a lot of tools).

Will we be able to accomplish what we want without a CRM system or is it necessary to adopt one beforehand?

We should talk about a CRM. We can definitely make some recommendations and help setup, build and manage your email marketing campaigns.

On your statement of work it's mentioned that you offer 2-3 ad sets, is this per month? for the whole year? how much is feasible for each month?

The ad sets are divided by region, zip code, target, etc… we just use our best judgement by month… and adjust as needed. Not a hard and fast rule, just a recommendation.

Are analytics reviews and weekly/monthly meetings part of the scope of work or the additional charges?

Analytics are available to you 24/7 in our dashboards. But we can also get on calls as needed, typically once a month or every 2 weeks.

What kind of timeline are we looking to launch a full campaign?

Our timeline to complete a full ad launch is fast. Could be done in 7 days or less.

What kind of industry standards could we look at for Facebook ad conversions?

Industry benchmarks vary widely. Here’s a great article to review CPC and CTR for various industries